20 Step Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Professional Photos


As a Realtor, I know that it is common to show up on the day of a photo shoot to find the sellers frantically trying to finish the last steps. If you have ever been in this position, you understand the stress.

Realtors work hard to help clients get to this point of the selling process without much chaos. They use checklists and offer suggestions on how to make the home look great.

Your home's marketing will dramatically impact your buyers' opinion of your house and your sales price. It would be best if you had the most professional photography and videography possible. Therefore, The Cerreta Team only uses professional photos for all our listings.

One of the most important things to know about your professional real estate photographer/videographer is that they are indeed artists. They can make your home look amazing with their skill sets.

Real Estate Photographers and Videographers Are True Artists. When your real estate photographer shows up, they will walk the house and spend some time searching out the most important aspects to highlight potential buyers. Seasoned professionals have developed a unique ability to identify the home's pros and cons. They know how to showcase the home’s best attributes. Their experience and trade tools allow them to manipulate light and space to make your home look as big and bright as possible.

Since your photographer/videographer is an artist, you will get significantly more out of their services if your house is entirely ready when they arrive. Artists can get distracted if they must rearrange and tidy rooms before a shoot. After all, that's not part of their job description.

You want their attention to be focused on a bright and clean home, not on the work it takes to get the house to that point. They are often on a tight schedule, and time spent doing your job is time they cannot spend doing theirs.


To get the most out of your professional real estate photographer, follow the real estate photography pre-shoot checklist below. It will help ensure that your house is photo-ready and welcoming before you list your home for sale. Use these tips to prepare your home.


o   Clear and Clean Kitchen Counters (Yes this means the coffee maker and toaster)

o   Clear and Clean Bathroom Sinks, Tubs and Showers (Get baskets to keep all your toiletries in and only get it out when you are using)

o   Replace any Burned Out Lightbulbs

o   Turn on All the Lights.

o   Open All Window Treatments

o   Remove Unnecessary Furniture and Décor

o   Remove Floor Mats and Runners

o   Turn off All Ceiling Fans (fans make the photos blurry)

o   Clear Appliances of Magnets and Clutter

o   Make All of the Beds

o   Remove All Personal Photos and Items

o   Put All Shoes and Jackets in Closets

o   Clear All Nightstand Items (especially medications)

o   Remove All Pet Items

o   Tidy Up the Yard and Landscaping

o   Sweep the Porch and Patio

o   Clear All Cars from Road and Driveway

o   Hide all Garbage Cans.

o   Remove Outdoor Furniture Covers

o   Open Patio Umbrellas