Get Your Home Show Ready

Here are some tips to get your home in show ready condition.

Clean Everything - Cleanliness signals to a buyer that the home has been well cared for and is most likely in good repair. A messy home will cause buyers to notice every little flaw.

Declutter - The less "stuff" in and around a home, the roomier it will seem.

Let the light in - Open the blinds. Put brighter bulbs in all the lamps. Bright, open rooms feel larger and more inviting.

Let some fresh air in - If the weather is nice, open the windows. Fresh flowers and potpourri can also be used to your advantage.

Paint -There is nothing that improves the value of a home more than a few cans of paint. And it's easier to paint a room rather than scrub it. Stick to neutral colors.

Keep the noise down - Turn off the TV and turn on soft instrumentsl background music.


Staged Living Room